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Ukraine terrain

Trench models compiled into VRSG's Ukraine terrain, created using CityEngine rule files.

MVRsimulation's terrain of Ukraine is built from 0.50 to 15.0 mpp resolution source imagery and SRTM1 elevation source data. It includes a high-resolution 3D modeled inset of the city of Luhansk in eastern Ukraine. This AOI, built from 0.30 mpp imagery, features 57,842 CityEngine buildings, trenches, road networks, 1,687 streetlights with light lobes and powerlines, and thousands of tree and grass models.

Trench compiled in VRSG's Ukraine terrain.

MVRsimulation's 3D terrain includes:

  • Imagery is 30cm of the city of Luhansk blended to 50cm imagery of eastern Ukraine terrain;
  • Elevation is SRTM 30m blended to an underlying SRTM 90m/DTED1 Ukrainian terrain;
  • 57,842 CityEngine buildings;
  • 1,687 streetlights with light lobes;
  • Powerline models placed using OSM power line vectors;
  • Trench models compiled into the terrain. Trench models were created using CityEngine rule files;
  • Thousands of tree models with textures sampled from the underlying imagery;
  • Grass models placed near trench models and are color sampled from the underlying imagery;
  • 5,465 road vectors from OSM compiled in throughout the city of Luhansk;
  • Microtextures compiled into the terrain in the main AOI (Luhansk).

MVRsimulation has also built a high-resolution, geotypical urban Ukraine MOUT site situated in the city area of Kharkiv. This detailed geotypical model of five unique city blocks is comprised of over 40 buildings in different configurations conducive to urban combat training.