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Albacete Air Base

Albacete Air Base

Los Llanos Albacete Air Base

The NATO Tactical Leadership Program (TLP) at Los Llanos Air Base (LEAB), Albacete, Spain, has purchased 30 MVRsimulation Part Task Mission Trainers (PTMTs) and 54 VRSG licenses for its tactical training and leadership skills development courses for NATO’s Allied Air Forces. The sale includes MVRsimulation’s round-terrain geospecific terrain of Europe, which includes a high-resolution culture inset of Spain that contain a 3D replica of the Los Llanos Air Base.

MVRsimulation VRSG real-time scene of a Finnish FA-18C entity taxiing on the 3D replica of Los Llanos Air Base.

MVRsimulation's 3D replica of Los Llanos Albacete Air Base (LEAB) Albacete province, in the Castilla-La Mancha region of southeastern Spain, includes:

  • Imagery - 0.40 mpp resolution coverage of the Albacete Air Base including the province of Albacete
  • Elevation - 10 meter elevation mesh of the airfield blended to an underlying 30 meter elevation mesh of Spain
  • Culture - Includes runway, runway lights and signage, 115 geospecific air base building models (control towers, hangars, terminals, administrative buildings) and other structures (windsocks and antennas) placed along the flight-line; illuminated airport guidance signs,  (location signs and directional/runway exit signs) have been populated according to the FAA airport diagram. Taxiway markings have been populated throughout including surface painted taxiway direction signs and runway holding position markings. Precision approach path indicator (PAPI) lights were placed for visual aid guidance. Runway lighting was populated according to the FAA's Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP). Air base models were built from publicly available photos and geolocated on the terrain in Scenario Editor. The building models surrounding the air base were generated with Esri CityEngine, and were compiled into the terrain of the city of Albacete; these buildings contain emissive light-map textures for nighttime lighting. The virtual Albacete province is populated with over 45,000 trees.

MVRsimulation's Finnish F-18C model displayed in the Model Viewer, against a background reference still image taken from a publicly available video of an actual Finnish Air Force F-18C Hornets taking off and landing from Los Llanos Air Base during one of the TLP courses. (Photo/video credit: Alejandro Afonso/