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3D Replicas of Ranges

3D Replicas of Ranges


MVRsimulation has built a number of geospecific 3D replicas of  training ranges for rendering in Virtual Reality Scene Generator  (VRSG). All were built in MVRsimulation’s round-earth geocentric VRSG terrain format with MVRsimulation’s Terrain Tools for Esri® ArcGIS®

MVRsimulation’s training ranges provide the opportunity for cost-effective familiarization via simulation exercises before trainees train on a live range. The close correlation between a live range and the virtual terrain of the range provides an enhanced training experience through exercises that closely resemble reality. Portions of the virtual NAS Fallon and Yuma Proving Gound terrains were built with 2cm per-pixel imagery captured by MVRsimulation's small UAS.

The virtual training ranges are:
Barry M. Goldwater Range
NAS Fallon Target Ranges
Razorback Range
Yuma Proving Ground