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Product Upgrades

Product Upgrades


Software product upgrades

You may purchase software maintenance and technical support for the current version of any software product to upgrade software to the current version of VRSG or Terrain Tools, if you have previously purchased a prior version of the same software product.

  • Obtaining software maintenance requires the purchase of 1) any expired time period pro-rated in monthly increments from the last date of active maintenance, (Revival) and 2) the current one-year period of software maintenance and technical support.  Please contact MVRsimulation sales for a quotation.
  • Upgrading to the current version of a software product requires use of the USB security dongle or software license file that was previously furnished with the software. Once you have upgraded your software product to a new version, the dongle may no longer enable previous versions of the software.
  • Upgrading to the current version of VRSG from either version 4 or version 3 is not covered by the license agreement, as those license agreements applied to those versions only. You must purchase a new VRSG software license to obtain the current version.
  • Revival of expired software maintenance and technical support may be subject to a purchase of a charge of $125 per month per viewport pro-rated for the expired time period (starting from the last date of active maintenance). See the quotation issued by MVRsimulation and the Software License Agreement for details.





All policies on this page are subject to change without notice.
(February 2023)