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Distribution Media Kit

Distribution Media Kit

Distribution Media Kit


When you obtain a license of MVRsimulation VRSG or Terrain Tool software, we will provide you with a media kit.  In most cases you will receive a USB dongle which authenticates your license. You will also receive the latest version of either our VRSG or Terrain Tools software (explore our What's New pages for the latest technology and updates) on one of three media types: 

  • Portable USB SSD drive 
  • Via MVRsimulation's Download Server (available to customers with active maintenance)

The latest version of VRSG installation and 3D content will need approximately 500 GB space.

The software media kit for new licenses and when software maintenance and technical support is purchased, includes the software product documentation: Installation Guide, User's Guide, and quick-reference cards.



Portable SSD Drive

With the purchase of a new license or for customers on active software maintenance, MVRsimulation software products can be delivered on a portable USB SSD drive. This SSD drive is provided as "Additional Materials" as described in our Software License Agreement. You should retain this device for reinstallation of the software as necessary.

The specifications of the portable USB SSD drive:

  • Samsung T7 Portable SSD - 500 GB
  • Compatible with USB 3.2 Gen2 (10 Gbps), backwards compatible
  • Transfer Speed Up to 1,000 MB/s
  •  Includes USB 3.2 USB-C to A and USB-C to C cables
  • Dimensions 85 x 57 x 8 mm
  • Weight 58 g


Download Server

MVRsimulation customers with active software maintenance can download the latest release of VRSG software with model libraries, or Terrain Tools software from MVRsimulation's Download Server. The VRSG release is organized in multiple components on the Download Server to facilitate customized updates. The full VRSG release is compressed to more than 167 GB in size and can also be delivered on a portable USB SSD drive.

If you choose to download the software in addition to or in lieu of receiving a physical delivery of a portable USB SSD drive, we will consider you in receipt of our distribution media kit which constitutes a delivery of our software.



The policies on this page are subject to change without notice.
(May 2023)