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Policy on Customer Requested Features

Policy on Customer Requested Features


Customer Requested Features

MVRsimulation assists our customers by adding customer-requested features at no additional charge. This is a relatively unique offering in any segment of the software industry and a major part of MVRsimulation's business strategy. With the release of Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) version 7 and Terrain Tools for ESRI ArcGIS version 2, MVRsimulation will consider new feature requests by customers for inclusion only in subsequent releases of these products. We no longer accept request for new features for earlier versions of our products. All software development is focused on the latest release of our products.

We consider our customers to be subject matter experts. Customer who initiates the request often provides extensive input into the development of the new feature. Often, a customer-requested feature is relevant to a significant portion of our existing customer base or perceived future customers. Note that our internal costs of the feature addition are amortized over our entire customer base for the foreseeable future as our product line goes forward. For these reasons we think it's a bargain to obtain free input from the customer that we can turn into product enhancements. Note that all customer-requested features added to our software products remain the sole property of MVRsimulation. These additions are provided at our sole and absolute discretion. They shall never be construed as a "work for hire."

Requests for new product features must be consistent with the general goals of advancing the MVRsimulation product line to support its customers and must not conflict with MVRsimulation’s business strategy. All rights, title and interest, including copyright, of any feature that MVRsimulation develops at the request of a customer, are retained by MVRsimulation. Additional information can be found in MVRsimulation’s Software License Agreement.


All policies on this page are subject to change without notice.
(February 2023)