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Product Pricing, Best Price, and Additional Materials

Product Pricing, Best Price, and Additional Materials


Summary of MVRsimulation Sole Source Product and Pricing

  • MVRsimulation is the sole source manufacturer and provider of all MVRsimulation VRSG, Scenario Editor, and Terrain Tools software.
  • MVRsimulation is the sole source manufacturer and provider of all MVRsimulation PTMT and DJFT hardware training products.
  • MVRsimulation designs, creates and manufactures our software and hardware training products in the United States of America.
  • MVRsimulation does not make its software or hardware available through commercial resellers. In certain circumstances, the transfer of a software license can be made, in accordance with our Software License Agreement. Systems integrators can contact MVRsimulation at for additional information.
  • MVRsimulation includes the first one-year period of software maintenance and technical support with the purchase of a software license or software maintenance renewal. The active maintenance period begins upon your receipt of the permanent unlock code for a one year period of maintenance and technical support, but no later than twenty-four months from the date of purchase of the VRSG or Terrain Tools license. Additional one-year software maintenance periods may be purchased in advance.
  • The pricing of a VRSG license is structured on a per-viewport (concurrent views) basis; a single viewport, two or three viewports, four or five viewports and six viewports. (See the Price List for more about VRSG viewport pricing.)
  • MVRsimulation provides certain hardware components (such as 3D accelerators, controllers, and terrain hard drives) for the convenience of its customers and only in conjunction with the purchase of a MVRsimulation software product.


Business Information and Classification

MVRsimulation is a Massachusetts corporation with its primary address of 57 Union Avenue, Sudbury, MA 01776 and asserts that all of our production and manufacturing occur within the United States of America without foreign control or influence.

As required for “SBA Certification,” in regard to size definitions, MVRsimulation self-certifies as a Small Business, without additional classifications, with less than 24 employees.

MVRsimuation's attestation of business information and classification is offered in this letter.
MVRsimuation's completed Form W-9 is provided here. 
Please contact MVRsimulation at with any questions regarding this self-certified informations.


Commercial Certifications

  • MVRsimulation self-certifies, in accordance with FAR 2.101, Commercial Items are used in the course of normal business operations for other than Government purposes, that our products have been sold, leased, or licensed and continue to be offered for sale, lease or license to the general public. All software is Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS). Please see our Software License Agreement section 8.03 for more information regarding "commercial computer software" definition in FARS/DFARS.
  • MVRsimulation publishes its commercial software prices publicly on our price list.
  • The sale of MVRsimulation products is subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions.


Best Pricing Policy

  • MVRsimulation maintains a "Best Pricing" policy by offering the same price for a software license to all customers: US Government, commercial, and international.
  • MVRsimulation does not offer nor provide discounts based upon volume, intended-use, currency or otherwise. All prices offered can be found on our price list.


Data Rights Assertion

MVRsimulation Inc., a Massachusetts corporation with its primary address of 57 Union Avenue, Sudbury, MA 01776, asserts for itself that the Government's rights to use, release, or disclose the technical data or computer software should be restricted, on a basis of Commerciality, as stipulated in our Software License Agreement.


Features and Additional Materials

  • In certain cases, MVRsimulation develops additional features in its software products to meet customer requirements at no additional cost. (MVRsimulation determines the priority of feature development of its software and maintains all copyright and rights of intellectual property.) MVRsimulation does not perform "work for hire" software development.
  • MVRsimulation provides several non-classified terrain databases for official use only (FOUO) within the United States with the purchase of certain software products at no additional cost. (See product descriptions for details.) The use of these terrain databases requires the latest version of VRSG and may require active software maintenance of the VRSG license.
  • In certain cases, MVRsimulation provides additional materials, such as software libraries and databases, including, the MDS Read API and hardware components to customers with active software maintenance and technical support.


Updates to Specifications 

MVRsimulation periodically updates the specifications of offered products to provide the best of current technology. We update this website with those specifications. If you have any questions about our specifications, contact



All policies on this page are subject to change without notice.
(May 2024)