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MVRsimulation News Issue 64

MVRsimulation News Issue 64

MVRsimulation News Issue 64, January 2023

Greetings from the team at MVRsimulation,

We were fortunate to meet with many of you at I/ITSEC 2022 and bring you up to speed with our latest innovations. If you missed it, you can read all about our highlights at the show below, and also find out more about what we will be showing at the 2023 JFS Symposium and JCAS Curriculum Review in Virginia Beach at the end of this month.
Read on to find out how we have hit the ground running in 2023, with a number of new developments to share with you. If you are an existing user of Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) you will find new models and terrain now available for download from your account. Those looking to experience our software and/or simulator products for themselves should get in touch for an in-person (our place or yours?) or virtual demonstration of our capabilities. Please email us at to discuss options.
Wishing you all the best for the year ahead,
The MVRsimulation Team.

I/ITSEC 2022 in review

At I/ITSEC 2022 our Mobile Classroom and networked Deployable Joint Fires Trainer (DJFT) and Part Task Mission Trainers (PTMTs) attracted a strong crowd of visitors. Both simulators were running demonstrations almost non-stop throughout the week for JTACs, FOs and pilots, with users blown away by how intuitive the systems were to operate and the level of immersion created by VRSG and the brand new Varjo XR-3 Focal Edition mixed reality headset. A major highlight of the show was a JTAC visiting the booth and running a complete Type 1 control on the DJFT that he logged for currency, as is possible now that the DJFT is Interim Accredited by the U.S. Air Force. We left the show with lots of valuable feedback and ideas on how to continue development of our simulators to meet emerging use-cases, and many new contacts - all of which promises to keep our team extremely busy for 2023!

Meet us at JCAS Symposium 2023

On 31 January - 2 February the MVRsimulation team will be attending the 2023 JFS Symposium and JCAS Curriculum Review in Virginia Beach, VA. In line with this year's symposium theme, "Enhancing Coalition and Joint Fires in Large Scale Operations", we will be demonstrating our fully-networked Joint Fires trainer, the DJFT. Fully integrated with the Varjo XR-3 Focal Edition headset, Battlespace Simulations' MACE and emulated/simulated military hardware, the DJFT will be running mixed-reality, high speed JTAC, CAS, flight/RPAS training scenarios within VRSG's Kismayo, Somalia, 3D virtual terrain. As the DJFT has been developed from the outset to support geographically dispersed training requirements, instructors, trainees and subject matter experts can remote-in from all over the world, enabling teams spread around the globe to train and collaborate in a single, virtual world provided by VRSG.

Come by our stand to experience training missions including Digitally Aided CAS (DACAS), match sparkle target identification, and NVG-supported day/night transitions.

And don't forget: Now interim accredited by the U.S. Air Force, serving JTACs may log Type 1/2/3 controls run on the DJFT for currency, subject to full accreditation of the system being achieved.

The MVRsimulation DJFT will be running demonstrations at the JCAS Symposium 2023.

New sales

We have kicked off 2023 with a number of new VRSG license sales, as well as renewals for existing users. Leading the charge is an order to expand the number of VRSG licenses in use with the U.S. Air Force's MQ-9 Reaper MJAT training program. A new order has also come in which will see VRSG support Mobility Air Forces Distributed Mission Operations (MAF DMO) requirements; and VRSG's role in the V-280 Valor simulator development program will continue with a new order from Bell. VRSG provides 3D real-time visuals for the simulators, including a specially-built high-resolution geospecific 3D terrain of Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport (KAMA), where the Bell facility is located.

Ninety-one (91) VRSG licenses ordered for the U.S. Air Force's MALET-JSIL Aircrew Trainer (MJAT) program, which provides training for MQ-9 Reaper pilots and sensor operators.

Bell ordered 12 new VRSG licenses and NVIDIA-based rack mount image generator computers to support ongoing development of V-280 engineering development systems.

Thirty (30) VRSG licenses have been ordered to support the Mobility Air Forces Distributed Mission Operations (MAF DMO) program in achieving its LVC training  goals.

New VRSG terrain: Tripoli, Libya

Our brand new 3D terrain dataset of Tripoli, Libya, is now available for download. Built and delivered to a customer for use in MQ-9 RPAS training, the geospecific terrain is now included in the VRSG terrain library and available for users of VRSG version 7.0 or above with active software maintenance license.
As always, we welcome your feedback and requests for new terrain features and models. Please get in touch with any comments or  new terrain requests at

VRSG's virtual Tripoli, Libya, terrain.

Model of the month

It has been a busy month for our models team, with new and updated equipment from military forces around the globe added to the VRSG 3D model library. Topical systems for the start of the year include Sweden's Archer Artillery System FH77BW - soon to enter into service in Ukraine; and North Korea's nuclear-capable KN-23 - which hit international headlines as Pyongyang continues off-shore test firings.
Our model of the month is the People's Liberation Army's AFT-9 anti-tank missile carrier armed with HJ-9 anti-tank guided missile[s]. Newly added to the library, the vehicle is available in four camouflage versions (standard camo, digital camo, desert camo and green), with articulated parts that allow it to be depicted realistically within the simulation.
As with all our 3D models - even those built in response to specific customer requests - this new model is available for download at no additional cost to VRSG active software license users. Our 3D model library, which includes 90% of the U.S. Air Force CAF DMO list and 95% of those considered mandatory, can be searched here. If there is a particular model or culture piece that you would like to see added to the library, please contact us at

The AFT-9 3D model.

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