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Virtual Kharkiv, Ukraine

Virtual Kharkiv, Ukraine

Virtual Ukraine MOUT Site

MVRsimulation's high-resolution, geotypical urban Ukraine MOUT site situated in the city area of Kharkiv. This detailed geotypical model of five unique city blocks is comprised of over 40 buildings in different configurations conducive to urban combat training. 

Detailed multi-level interiors of residential and office buildings, such as walls, hallways, stairwells, windows, doorways, and attics, enable trainees to reproduce natural firing positions within training exercises. The virtual MOUT model also makes extensive use of street elements such as fences, street lights, utility poles and cables, vegetation, and street and park furniture.

MVRsimulation’s virtual Ukraine training site is available as part of the Europe 3D terrain, and available to all customers who are on active VRSG software maintenance and are US Government agencies or contractors (for official use only). The terrain is provided in MVRsimulation's round-earth terrain format and will only run with the latest version of VRSG.