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Lackland Air Force Base (KSKF)

Lackland Air Force Base / Kelly Field (KSKF)

  • Imagery - 15 cm per pixel Lackland AFB / San Antonio area blended into 1 mpp imagery surrounding the area 
  • Elevation - 10 mpp NED of Lackland AFB, DTED 1 of San Antonio, and custom elevation to match FAA airfield elevations with at least 95% accuracy
  • Cultural features - Runway, runway lights, hangars and other geotypical buildings and structures, light poles, storage tanks, and 40,860 geotypical volumetric trees
  • Other culture - Surrounding Lackland AFB is terrain of Greater San Antonio, comprised of 182,166 buildings which were generated with Esri CityEngine®. The models were extruded and textured from OpenStreetMap (OSM) data, exported from CityEngine in FBX format, and then converted to MVRsimulation’s model format.