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UAS / RPA Simulation

UAS / RPA Simulation


For nearly two decades MVRsimulation visuals have been used in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) training simulators, primarily through the Multiple Unified Simulation Environment / Air Force Synthetic Environment for Reconnaissance and Surveillance (MUSE/AFSERS) simulation system, where VRSG provides simulated video feeds for various intelligence gathering platforms.

Developed by the Joint Technology Center/Systems Integration Laboratory (JSIL), MUSE/AFSERS is the primary UAV simulation training  system used in the Department of Defense for command- and staff-level joint services training and provides the largest number of fielded simulation systems in the USA. MVRsimulation visuals have been part of MUSE/AFSERS since 2002. As result, MVRsimulation has become one of the largest suppliers of commercial licensed 3D visualization software for UAV simulation training in the U.S. military, with nearly 2,500 active VRSG licenses in the field.

A key feature of MVRsimulation VRSG is the ability to stream real-time HD-quality simulated video with KLV metadata using the H.264 protocol, which is indiscernible in composition from actual UAV video feed. This means that in the UGCS when UAV operators/trainees are not flying an actual UAV, they can fly a simulated UAV using the same hardware they use to operate the real system, using the JTC/SIL MUSE air vehicle and data link simulation software and VRSG. 

UAV/RPA simulators that use MVRsimulation visuals are interoperable with JTAC simulators that also use MVRsimulation visuals, such as the USAF Joint Terminal Control Training and Rehearsal System (JTC TRS), and Air National Guard Advanced JTAC Training System (AAJTS).

In a simulated environment, VRSG generates a simulated sensor view used in intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR)  preparedness training of activities such as collecting intelligence and sharing it among Allied nations for processing, exploitation, and dissemination.

VRSG is also used in testing network interoperability of functions like streaming full-motion video for periodic, multi-nation exercises and demonstrations.

US Army UAS Simulators

USAF MQ-9 Reaper RPA Simulator (MJAT)

US Navy MQ-8B/C Fire Scout simulator

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USAF Vigilant Spirit